Circularity and Sustainability

We’re all about circularity at Fyko. Extracting value from agricultural bi-products is at the very core of what we do. We are currently focusing on using process water from dairies in Northern Sweden as a cultivation media for our microalgae. This water is rich in nutrients and carbon, which allows the microalgae to grow and would otherwise be cleaned and discarded. Using this bi-product enables us to circularize the dairy industry and confers benefits to all actors in the circle.

Our biostimulants confer value to farmers in the form of increased growth and yield. This higher quality fodder means that the cows can have a higher quality diet, which also means that they can produce higher quality milk. This higher quality milk is then returned to the dairy where it undergoes treatment, resulting in process water that can be used as a cultivation media for our microalgae. This unique form of industrial symbiosis truely results in a win:win:win situation.

Throughout this process, using biostimulants on crops also increases nutrient uptake, which reduces the amount of run-off of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which can be harmful to our marine and fresh water systems. In addition to the value we provide to the dairy industry, we are also offer calue to the greater community, in the form of cleaner waterways.