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People love to grow plants. Some of us enjoy the feeling of sinking our hands into soil and growing food from scratch, others enjoy the sweet smells and the beauty of freshly expanded flowers. Plants unite us on a personal, cultural and philosophical level and bring joy to those who celebrate them year round. At Fyko, we want everyone to experience the amazing potential of plants and have developed a natural biostimulant that can improve the growing experience of novice and expert alike.


Get your hands on some biostimulants

We are currently collecting expressions of interest for those who want to be the first to try our microalgal biostimulants. If you are an aspiring or seasoned grower, we highly recommend signing up, and when we start producing you can be amongst the first to exprience plant cultivation like never before.

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About biostimulants

Our biostimulants are effective on a wide range of plant species and can be tailored to work in most growing systems. This means that whether you’re growing herbs at home or tomatoes in a greenhouse, our biostimulants can improve the health and wellbeing of your plants. Our product is still in its early stages and we are always looking for help to trial new species or cultivars. If you are interested in collaborating, click below.

Private Growers

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Why us?

Our biostimulants are produced entirely from sustainable resources.
We take a circular approach and climate friendly cultivation


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