This year I am kicking off some trials to explore the effects of using microalgal biostimulants on a range of plants. The first major trial is currently underway where I am testing repeated applications of biostimulants on tomato, cucumbers, eggplant and paprika, as well as a one time application on onion. Since Fyko is being bootstrapped at this point, the trial is being conducted in my apartment here in Northern Sweden. I will follow up with tests on about 20 different species that range from herbs, to salads to peas so that we cover a wide range of plant families. The seeds were obtained from Impecta ( and pots, equipment etc, are from Amazon.

Later in the spring, I will also be conducting a field trial at the research farm in Röbäcksdalen (SLU). This project is a collaboration that will build on our promising results on Barley last year. We saw a pretty big increase in yield and also in grain quality, so we hope to see those results repeated and improved upon.